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Public speaking to some can be as terrifying and painful as getting a root canal; however, if you are on a mission to build your business and  boost your brand, becoming a public speaker can be very beneficial for
your authority.

It’s one thing to be highly visible online, and another thing to retain the same integrity offline. If you have not thought about how public speaking can help you, here are 5 absolutely remarkable gains you get for public speaking.

Increase your network.

The fantastic thing about being a speaker at an event is that you increase your network. Going old school when connecting with people has been tried and tested. What better way to actually create a connection, than to speak in public. You increase the depth of the relationship you have with your followers in addition to meeting new friends, business partners, mentors, or clients. Like what
they say, “your network is your net worth”. Social capital investment is always a good addition to your

Cement your authority.

Ever heard of Oobah Butler who got a lot of buzz because he wrote a bunch of reviews that catapulted his fake restaurant into notoriety online? Written words are easily edited, spun, and rehashed for your benefit. Creating a hype online has been really easy these days. The real litmus test of your authority is when they actually hear you speak in person as well as the depth of the answers you
dispense to them spontaneously.

Learn more from others.

Stepping outside the confines of your office or home to speak to a bunch of strangers can be scary for some. However, the pros will definitely outweigh the cons of this strategy. Public speaking can be learned and honed. Being able to meet different people and dive into their psyche, albeit for only a limited time, increases your wisdom and knowledge. Life stories as told by the people
who went through them will always trump reading case studies that have been through editing. The rawness of the experience gives it the best value.

Free publicity for you.

Public speaking becomes free publicity for you and the clients you handle. It is easier to explain, ease fears, and provide information to your audience. Having a face they can connect to a name and brand works wonders in increasing your prospective clients. By speaking at events, your name will easily be part of industry conversations and your insight on trends and issues would be sought
after. Your integrity as professional increases plus you get a captured audience who you can promote to for free.


Get real feedback.

Public speaking is a great way to get instantaneous feedback about an idea or product that you are testing. Reading how people react to your topic is a great way to monitor if you are succeeding with your mission or not. By taking note of what they say and their raw emotions you get unsolicited feedback on how to improve your business.

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