Perhaps the phrase ‘man’s best friend’ ought to be changed into ‘woman’s best friend’. Women and pets have always been a great combination. Some surveys have even shown that women would rather spend their time with their pets than men. And ladies, I’m sure you agree with this too….well, sometimes.

Thus, it’s no surprise that women are making big waves in the pet industry as well. Running a business for pets can be difficult, but these girl bosses prove that they can provide pets with the love and care they deserve.

Sue Aikman, The Bellyrub Klub

Founded in 2005, The Bellyrub Klub is Sue Aikman’s brainchild which aims to provide care for canines. This dog training and daycare facility was built by Aikman to bridge the gap between pet owners and their dogs through education. The Bellyrub Klub offers trainings, daycare and overnight services, pet owner seminars, and adoptions.

Aikman’s passion for dogs have made a difference in several pet owners’ relationship with their furry friends. According to her, dogs provide emotional and psychological support for us. Since they give us everything they have, we should also do our part to learn all we can about them.

Rebecca Rescate, CitiKitty

Back in 2006, Rebecca Rescate moved into her tiny apartment in New York and discovered that she had no space for her litter box. That was when she got the idea to toilet-train her cat. Creating her own toilet training kit, Rescate revolutionized litter training and founded CitiKitty.

For feline lovers and city dwellers, small apartments can be problematic. CitiKitty provides a solution by innovating a cost-effective, efficient, and simple toilet training kit. In only 3 – 6 weeks, cat owners can train their cats to use the toilet in their home. This eliminates the need for a litter box, saving money and space.

Rescate wants to pet owners to be able to have their cats despite living in a small apartment. Since CitiKitty’s popularity, even cat owners living in bigger homes are learning to toilet train their cats.

Julie Haught, No Flap Ear Wrap 

Julie Haught believes that dogs aren’t just pets that guard the house and provide companionship. These furry animals are widely considered as a part of the family.

Her love for the adorable rescue Boxer named Archer was what prompted her to create the No Flap Ear Wrap. It was originally used to keep Archer’s floppy ears in place while it was healing from an ear injury. 

Eventually, her vet advised her to get it patented, and her friends warmed up to the idea. It quickly got famous among dog-lovers. As of this writing, No Flap Ear Wrap has already helped thousands of dogs recover from ear injuries and has sold over 65,000 pieces—something that is difficult to achieve when you have a feisty pup and a traditional vet bandage.

Nowadays, pet owners are looking for healthier and more nutritious food options for their furry friends. Celebrity chef Rachael Ray recognized this demand and founded Nutrish, a natural pet food brand.

Made with organic ingredients, superfoods, and probiotics, Nutrish offers delicious food for both cats and dogs. Ray herself developed the recipes for the dry and wet food, broths, and treats. She carefully chose each and every ingredient to meet the dietary needs of all pets. Nutrish aims to provide healthy pet food options without compromising the flavor and quality.

Lisa Lavin, PetChatz

Monitoring and interacting with your pets while you’re away is now possible, thanks to Lisa Lavin. The founder and CEO of Anser Innovation, the company developed PetChatz, a two-way pet camera.

With PetChatz, pet owners can video chat with their pets and keep them entertained while they’re home alone. It also features a calming aromatherapy that you can dispense remotely to ease your pet’s anxiety. You can dispense snacks and play games using the camera as well.

Lavin developed PetChatz with idea that home alone pets shouldn’t feel lonely. It provides a smart solution for pet owners who can’t get a pet sitter, too. As the company believes, “being there from anywhere” is possible through their innovative pet camera.

Working as a veterinarian technician for many years has fostered Jodi Taylor’s love for animals. Wanting to extend her love for pets “beyond the walls and politics of a vet clinic”, Taylor started The Pet Sitting Company.

This isn’t your ordinary pet sitting service, though. Aside from home visits and dog walking services, they also offer overnight boarding, concierge services, light spa services, and celebration planning. The Pet Sitting Company is also adept at taking care of pets with special medical needs.

Building her business on reliability, honesty, and dependability, Taylor has gained several happy customers over the years. She aims to deliver love and care for every pet, as well as peace of mind to pet owners.

As the industry continues to grow exponentially with the contribution of new technology, wider reach through the internet, and more millennials deciding to go childfree and have pets instead, it’s very exciting to see where this all goes! Kudos to our #bossbabes who made these innovations happen for our well-loved pets!

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