Being a fat kid never stopped Amir Pozderac from reaching his goals into becoming a three-time national champion and Olympic games candidate.

Despite all the relentless teasing in school, his anxiety in approaching girls, and feeling like he never had the confidence to have the ideal body he dreams of, he rose over these perceived challenges and surprised himself.

During his teenage years, he took up kickboxing and karate. Not long, he then got seduced into triathlon (swim, bike, run). When he first got to practice, he realized he was a 200-pound kickboxer who went into an endurance sport dominated by 160-pounders…not good.

“In every race, I was mistaken for a guard or bouncer. I am like: no b*tch, I’m here to race,” he shares.


Took him two years to train and compete, then turned pro. He won 3 national championships and finally, in 2008, he qualified for the Olympics. Amir shares that years of training in very competitive sports gave him a “win or die” attitude. That same year, he decided to move to the United States, got married, worked as a fitness instructor, and started a fitness coaching business.


During his first year, he scored a job as a trainer in one of the big box gyms. Even though he was a champ at fitness and training, he quickly realized that his clients weren’t getting enough results. He delved deeper into his practice and discovered that nutrition was a big part of the puzzle that he was missing.


Unfortunately, there was a gym policy that didn’t allow trainers to give nutrition advice. Instead, they were supposed to send the client to the club nutritionist, one whom be believed was a “ripoff at $120/hour”.


He knew he had to do it right so he quit his job and started his own fitness consulting company in early 2009. This time, he intelligently integrated custom nutrition with custom training plans. Since then, his business started growing exponentially.

Not long, he blossomed into “one of the most caring and selfless fitness coaches for entrepreneurs” (his client’s words!) and founded the Alpha Entrepreneur. As of this writing, he has worked with 500 individual clients, and they’ll also celebrate their business’ 10 year anniversary this year!

Inspired by Jay Abraham’s “selfless” beliefs, Amir strived to become one of the most effective coaches who cares a lot about their clients.

“The most self-serving thing you can do is to be selfless” – Jay Abraham

He pays a lot of respect to his mentor, Dan Kennedy, who taught him one of the most useful lessons he used in his company, direct response marketing. He also keeps what Archilochus once said “We don’t raise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.”

When asked what drives the Alpha Entrepreneur, he says that it is the idea of his client’s legacy. His dream is that one of the entrepreneurs he and his team would help transform will go on to create the next Facebook, Apple, Airbnb,  Tesla, or someone who will move the world forward. Playing a role in an entrepreneur’s success is fuel for Amir.

Amir has also been involved in miraculous transformations and achievements like a client doing a 5k who can barely walk earlier, a competitive athlete wins a race, a client becomes pregnant after being detected with a risk of being infertile due to being overweight.

The Alpha Entrepreneur weight loss company of Amir takes pride in providing a gold standard in transforming entrepreneurs’ health and mindset, which gives them more energy, focus, money, and impact.

Despite all his successes now, Amir recalls three of the most important lessons he has learned in life and business:

1. Identify and embrace my life path/unique ability EARLIER in life
2. Focus on just that and avoid everything else
3. Build a team sooner, stop doing it all by myself

Currently, Amir is focused on scaling his business through his online programs while teaching fitness and nutrition to different audiences all over the world. To date, Amir has served over 10,000 members of his audience and is gunning to grow his Alpha Entrepreneur weight loss company into a nine figure business.


Well hey, they don’t call him “Father Fitness” for nothing.




To keep in touch or check out Amir’s work, visit The Alpha Entrepreneur.

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