“I came from a middle to low-class family, financially. Growing up, we had just enough to get by. In high school, I started a rock band. By 21, I had a heart attack from partying too much. The rock band became semi-famous before crashing down in 2006. I decided to start a career in business but failed many times, even going homeless in 2008. I’ve scratched and clawed to become successful and it took a long time.”

Today, Mitch Miller travels the world for fun, learning, business, and family, but as you can see, it wasn’t like that not too long ago.

He built his business, Opposed Media, an online marketing education company, in 2007, and started his foray into digital marketing. At that time, he wanted to pursue an “easy business” that would make him location independent someday.

He started out as a copywriter-for-hire, a website builder, and when he built a company, he still encountered common agency problems. Thankfully, he was able to get out of a 6-month rut, and eventually, the clients just kept coming.

After three million-dollar wins from sales letters he’s written for the real estate, the outsourcing, and the MLM industry, he was good to go.


Hard work is THE way to go

When most people (now) think he gets leads easy, he wasn’t immune to doing hard work in order to get the word out.

He marketed his business in groups/forums owned by other people who had my audience. He would also jump on podcasts. Then there was the cold calling, cold emailing, and most of all, the endless follow-ups.

Another thing (that he admits) gave him an unfair advantage is being able to write well. He believes that copywriting will be your #1 unfair advantage and the highest leverage marketing still in the world.

Mitch spent hundreds of hours studying in the public library, in online courses, and studying dozens of the top copywriters in the world just so he can improve on this craft. It still shows how he reaps benefits from it until today, as he has successfully sold out high ticket events, books, and one-time masterclasses all from his Facebook profile.

The mindset shift needed to propel yourself forward

At the beginning of Mitch’s career, he and his business partner (Macaully Ryan) made a couple wrong moves and ended up in Hong Kong without the money to sleep in a hotel. So they just slept outside on a bench with their bags drinking beer until the morning when they could get money transferred in. Some people, when given with a situation like this, would typically give up and allow it to break them. But not Mitch and Mac. They used that to be more inspired, knowledgeable and worked harder in their business. Who knew they would finally live in a mansion starting 2017, right? See, a small mindset shift can take you a long way.

When asked about what drives him, and if fame adds to his purpose, he shares that the need to eat drives him. And winning. And changing lives, legitimately altering someone’s future, heartfelt messages and being moved to tears…all of these are humbling experiences that give him a deep focus on what to do or where to go next.

Lastly, he believes that if you only “stop being such a lazy little bitch”, you will find that consistent quality work is really what makes you great.

And this is the same principle in business, fitness, or any form of study: do what you need to do because that shit is a pain in the ass to work off later, and your loss will accumulate.

“We have a values system that is rare in this industry. We believe in absolute truth, going against the mainstream and social order. We are the rebel, black sheep “do it differently” misfits. And we attract the same.” – Mitch Miller


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