You are writing posts to provide information. About how your product or service can help people, or maybe you are just starting out building your influence online.




You are getting too busy to consistently feed your audience with fresh, valuable content. You are not sure how you can get your story out there and have an edge

But did you know that you can make stakeholders go head-over-heels in your business while saving effort and time and building authority at the same time?

Imagine when they are already the ones fishing for you.

Making somebody write about your brand can do that. Here’s how ultra mega powerful it is:

It Can Insanely Hit Your Credibility Power.

The power of unbiased content (read: third party endorsement) is undeniably reasonable when somebody else writes it about your brand.

I bet you know the power of testimonials and reviews.

People genuinely trust it when the crowd says how good a particular product or service is more than any other form of marketing.

It works the same way when a published article talks about the value of your product or service, especially if it is posted on a reputable blog or online publication.

Customers mostly rely on either of the two. That’s why when someone writes about you, people trust you more.

The more people trust you, the more profitable you will become later on.

This doesn’t mean that writing on your own about your brand can’t create impact.


But unlike being talked about on other websites, it takes too much of your time and sweat before you reach that authority level.

Reputable Site Exposure Begets Prestige And Authority.

Being featured on reputable sites like Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur and other mid-level publications bring you tremendous prestige and authoritative perception.

Just take note that when you consider a website or online publication that you want to land on, see to it that they are highly valued and trusted by their audience.

This helps you to position yourself as an industry thought leader which attracts more people to be part of your business’ ecosystem.

Since their readers trust them, they now see you as one of the top go-to brands which make you stand out.

Exposure To More, Fresh Lookalike Audience

Link building and consistent creation of newsworthy content to improve SEO ranking just to gain exposure to your target audience can be time consuming and bloody.


If you do not have much time anymore, you might one day be thinking to hire a writer in your own blog or have other bloggers to guest post.

That is a good content strategy.

However, if you want exposure to new look alike audience within the shortest time frame, your major run-to is guest blogging or partner with authors to share information about you in their blogs or in major online publications.

They already have built up their audience anyway.

It Can Save You Time Big Time

You might now be wondering how you will get published by editors.

First, you need to know what makes great content.

Ultimately, you need to know how to approach editors and tailor your content to fit what they feel would be most helpful and engaging to their audiences.

The problem is that you are busy or you are not sure how it will work the right way. I know that there are lots of things in your business that you want to focus and improve on.

Authors who know the ins and outs there can save you a bunch of time – from creating original, fresh, and catchy content to proposing to editors or blog owners.

Writing and contributing is their major craft. It’s a no-no question why they can convince and move their audience and how they get themselves in those websites.

They have honed that skill for a long time.

If you are just starting out building up your influence online or you do not have much time to be consistent on writing content in your own website. Your business will thank you if you try this.

Where you’re at

Imagine when somebody comes over you. They told you how good they are over a major person that you follow, listen to and asks for advice told you how great “that somebody” is in their work.

Deciding on which to choose over lots of choices can be overwhelming. When people you know and trust recommend a specific brand, their recommendations become top of your mind — breaking down the choices.

We take the influencers in our lives as credible testimony, giving a higher chance of relying on their recommendations over the others.

We take another person’s insights over the person itself as an unbiased, relevant information.

This is why a piece written by someone else about you is more powerful overwriting on your own about your brand.

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