Of Liberty and Legacy, with Zachary Babcock

After losing his father when he was seven, losing a sister over a heroin overdose, and being in prison twice, you would think a person would end up in a crazy black hole with no hope for success.

Fortunately, for a guy like Zachary Babcock, he used that as ammo in creating a special kind of liberty: a better life for himself, his family, and people who wanted to beat the odds and achieve their goals in life.

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How the change started

When he got out of prison, he tried applying for jobs but then something would always go wrong. He lowered his standards so much…after all, he was an ex-convict, right? That’s the story he told himself. He applied for so many jobs, and they turned him down day, after day, after day. When he finally got a job in retail, he gave it his all, only to be promoted AND let go after two weeks. The reason? They “missed the memo” that he used to be in prison.

This was the cause of another bout in depression, and instead of fighting it, Zach, unfortunately, went on a downward spiral and went back to jail. He had a DUI, blacked out, and just woke up in a police station in Missouri.

Then it happened: he learned that he was going to be a father. The next days, weeks, and months, it was all he could think about.

When his wife delivered their twin boys and he was able to see them and hold them even when he was still in prison, that’s when he felt like he needed to step up and be the father that they deserve. Moreover, he even felt twice as worse because he couldn’t be there as a good husband to the woman who believed in him and loved him even when things went awry. Since that day, he vowed to himself that he will change his life, become a good provider for his family, and most of all, to do everything in his power to help other people that THIS IS POSSIBLE.

zachary babcock speaking

How the change continues to live in other people

Today, Zachary goes on speaking engagements in several corporations, sales organizations, and universities, as well as have a couple of special mentorship programs, in order to inspire other people—especially those who have seeped through the hardships—that they can still tap into their greatness and be the best they want to be.

He aspires to be “the leading voice for all underdog entrepreneurs, the one they call on to win”. He considers this the legacy that he is aiming to build.

Zach’s ultimate goal in life is to give power to underdog entrepreneurs to win in business and life. With his wretched beginnings and less-than-stellar upbringing, it’s easy to pull an inspirational story out of him. However, what he did with it was create systems and repeatable mindset alignments that helped him get to where he is right now.

When asked about the top 3 things he wished he should have known from the start, here are his answers:

1) Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 26. Because everyone starts their journey at different times and when you compare yourself to anyone besides yourself, that can lead to feeling inferior.

2) Focus more on serving others and solving their problems to your greatest ability. Because the money will always follow true value in the marketplace.

3) Be brutally honest. Because when you care more about potentially impacting someone more than you do about being liked by them, that’s when you’ll step into greatness.

Want to learn about his teaching and see what’s new from Zachary? Check out this Prime Influencer at www.underdogempowerment.com.

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