Ulysses Osuna is a 21-year-old entrepreneur who founded influencer press. A 6 figure month PR firm focusing on building personal brands, he has worked with influencers who have thousands and even millions of followers and gets them on major publications like Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur as a form of Public Relation.

[00:00:00] hey everybody, welcome, welcome. I’m currently in Zanzibar Phuket Thailand, and today I have the privilege to interview the 21-year-old PR guy who manages clients who earn 250 million dollars.

[00:00:14] Stick around and learn. Ulysses Osuna is a 21-year-old entrepreneur who founded influencer press. A 6 figure month PR firm focusing on building personal brands, he has worked with influencers who have thousands and even millions of followers and gets them on major publications like Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur.

[00:00:39] Ulysses was hailed as 1 of the 6 millennials who have thriving businesses according to and according to this media muggle, Perception is Reality nowadays.

[00:00:54] Join in a short interview with Ulysses and find out why PR is a super important factor if you’re running a business.

[00:01:19] Thank you again, Ulysses, of course for taking a time to accommodate us for this interview like do you have a couple of questions? Umm…

[00:01:27] For the people that we have back in the Philippines? So I’m gonna start with the first one so like how important PR over the relation is for social media business owner?

[00:01:40] PR, in general, is like super important right? especially for social media business owners, right if you’re doing social media, you have tons and tons of competition, Right? how you gonna differentiate yourself, you pretty much offer the same, sorry.. the same service and everybody else offers right?

[00:01:57] Umm, so what’s the differentiator that you have then nobody else has? so for example for some of our clients when we get press, right and we feature them as like these social media influencers, then that gives you an edge to your composition right and then if it gives you an edge then that just means your convergence is gonna be a lot, a lot better.

[00:02:18] So, if you wanna close umm you know close sale this year, PR is definitely the way to go umm and especially for social media influencers because the phase is  incredibly saturated,

[00:02:29] Awesome, yeah, so I’m not gonna prolong this I’m gonna go ahead and straight to the second question, because I value your time Ulysses, so how is PR ROI competed ours justify like say, for example, we have umm business owners social media marketers out there like kinda explain stuff to their potential clients, how is that?

[00:02:48] That’s a great question, so if your looking for traffic to these publications, your probably not gonna get it, right we have a guy from editorial peace, from the head onto an entrepreneur, that means like the main person at entrepreneur, wrote an article about them, and they only got 12 visitors back thru the website, so if you’re looking for traffic, your not gonna get it.


[00:03:07] but getting featured and getting PR is not about the traffic at all. Like it’s about when it does for you as a business owner as a person, it ground you in who you are, and senilities your expertise in a certain field and once you’ve senlitify yourself, umm in an expertise, then business because like we know all the influencers, right they get business easier, they convert clients easier, they automatically make more money and just because they are already featured right?

[00:03:33] So the same concept applies you know when you’re getting on a publication, so, that’s how you can umm formulate the RIO if your looking for traffic and direct sales, your not gonna get it that way.

[00:03:44] Amazing it’s a lot of value bombs you have there guys, and now the third question and my last question for you ulysses, what are the umm like the top 3 benefits of PR for social media business owners?

[00:03:57] One like I was talking about before, you almost automatically make more money right? but people sociate your name, with forbes, then you could charge double your pricing and nobody will bandy, easy take easy for example over like ahh you know pair of shoes like kanye west made.

[00:04:12] People for a count of 2 thousand and 2 thousand dollars, for those shoes just because of the name. right, the most I’ve ever paid for shoes is like 200 bucks. Right, 200 bucks compared to 2000 dollars? that’s a major profit market. You apply that same thing.

[00:04:26] Umm two you can use it for convergence when you’re tracking your potential client, and they say yah you know ahhhuumm you know you know what’s different about you and your competitor? you can easily say that you can feature for your work. Right, who have has said that your great at social media.

[00:04:42] What’s that gonna do for your brand? you know what I mean people are gonna, read Forbes they gonna believe you and that your the person that go thru, and number three, umm

[00:04:51] It, it does give you more exposure. Just because it does give you traffic website doesn’t mean it gives you more exposure right? so if you get more exposure, then that means automatically just more leads in general.

[00:05:02] So, there were 3 tips. Ohmygod, those are amazing value bombs guys and I hope you’ve learned a Lot and that’s all for today I’m gonna wrap this interview and I’m gonna spend some of their, party with them. Bye guys. Thank you.  

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Melissa Profeta is a Mompreneur and a Community Growth Specialist who leads social media and PR campaigns while eating Samgyeopsal and spicy Kimchi.

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