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Prime Influencers is an asset of Prime Press Co (

At Prime Press, we get influencers, entrepreneurs, agency owners, and high-level consultant published on major publications and media channels, so they can increase prospect confidence, differentiate themselves from the other entrepreneur around the block, and supercharge their personal brands.

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Karla Singson

Karla Singson

Karla is Prime Press’ Chief Content Specialist for Digital PR.

With over a decade of experience as an award-winning journalist and writer, she continues to tell stories that serve people’s most meaningful passions.

Aside from this, she speaks, writes, and owns a couple of ventures in retail, corporate events, and VA placement.



Melissa Profeta

Melissa Profeta

Melissa is Prime Press’ Chief of Operations.

Her sales and business operations acumen was sharpened by over a decade of involvement in multi-level marketing, retail, and agency-building.

She owns Melpro Marketing, a social media agency, and she is also one of the founders of Social Media Academy, one of Philippines’ best social media education programs.

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